Aug 19 2014

Star-Nosed Mole Facts

One of the world’s weirdest creatures, this strange animal is the star nosed mole and has an ability that’s so unique that it could help save thousands of people very year.

Meet the Star Nosed Mole

Even without the pink fleshy star on the tip of its nose, the Star Nosed Mole is still a weird looking creature. Its long, dark brown, covered in water repellant fur and has big scaly feet for fast digging.

Another strange fact about this bizarre beast is that during the winter its tail swells up with actual fat up to 4x’s its normal size.

Star-nosed_Mole_locationYou’ll find this mammal hanging out in wet low land areas of Canada and the North Eastern Part of the United States.

It prefers to stay under ground as it’s pretty much blind but don’t feel bad, as this little guy has the best sense of touch of any mammal in the world.

That pink star shape on its nose is made up of 22 fleshy tentacles that each has about 25,000 touch receptors..and it’s called Elmer’s Organs.

The mole hunts its prey in the water.

It inhales and blows out really fast air bubbles underwater which allows it to track small fish, worms and other tiny aquatic type animals.

The tentacles move with lightning speed and can touch as many as 12 objects per second and are believed to detect electrical fields as animals move through

the water, this allows the mole to quickly identify what’s for dinner, and whatever that is, they don’t stand a chance.

So what’s so special about this Star Nose Mole.

Research has shown that their nose is designed in such a way that it’s PERFECT for detecting earthquakes.

Scientist are currently studying just how fast and accurate this mole’s ability is so that it can help with the structural design for building for advanced machines.

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