Aug 15 2014

Swimmer Chased by Crocodile in Mexico

A tourist is thanking his lucky stars after escaping a huge crocodile that chased him down in Mexico. This footage was filmed by Manuel Cerrara from the Boca Paila Bridge in Mexico’s Sian Ka’an.

Tourist Chased by Huge Crocodile in Mexico

The locals stated how they wouldn’t dare go into the water in these parts at they know all about the big crocodiles that roam the area. Fortunately the crocodile was full and wasn’t chasing the tourist at its top speed.

A hungry crocodile would have no problem catching up to a swimmer like this. Because tourist often feed the crocodiles around the bridge, it leads the deadly animals to associate humans with food which makes a normal crocodile extremely dangerous.

The crocodile was believed to be an American crocodile.


Sian Kaan Mexico Crocodile Chasevideo-crocodile-swimmer-mexico