Jul 20 2014

Green Anaconda Set Loose in New Jersey’s Largest Lake!

Lake Hopatcong is the largest fresh water lake in New Jersey, measuring about four square miles. Most of the shoreline has houses, bars and restaurants around it, and the lake is popular for boating and swimming.

lake hopatcong

There is even a state park that contains it. Recently something that could be an extreme potential danger to all of this was revealed. An anaconda that is estimated to be approximately sixteen feet in length was set loose in the lake.

Though how the snake came to be in the lake is unclear, one of the people that was hired to help with the removal of the snake theorizes that the snake was once a pet and was dumped in or near the lake when it became too large to care for.

Gerald Andrejcak, who has a degree in zoology and nearly two decades experience of handling and breeding large snakes, was the first to speak up honestly about the incident.

It was reported that it was a boa constrictor that was let loose in the lake; its size and potential danger were highly underestimated to the public. Upon hire, he was instructed to maintain this story, and keep the truth a secret.


Though after two weeks of failing to capture the lengthy reptile, and noncompliance by the town and state to thoroughly attempt to, Andrejcak decided that he couldn’t keep it a secret any longer.
The snake was identified as a green anaconda. It is a predator that must eat frequently and spend a lot of its time hunting, unlike many other species of snakes.

Though many residents are in danger, Andrejcak is worried of harm to the snake, that is innocent in the situation.

A resident who rents property along the lake reports that he has seen the mammoth reptile. “There’s kids swimming in the lake, there’s going to be people in the water this weekend, and my kids can’t even go in their backyard. If someone can go out and kill it, that’s fine.”

After the residents were misled, inactivity followed, and currently they are still living in fear and danger. As the snake remains in the lake, Andrejcak continues to fight to ensure the safety of the snake and the residents.


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