Jul 19 2014

Does Reverse Evolution Exist?

A family that lives in Turkey has fascinated people and scientists around the world for years.  What is interesting about them is in the way they move.  The entire family gets around differently from almost every other mobile human on the planet.  They walk on all fours.

A total of five brothers and sisters are in the Ulas family. They have major issues with balance, standing, but get themselves around quite well, entirely by bear-crawling.
Before the specific, scientific reason for the way this family is the way it is was discovered, many researchers formulated engaging theories about it.

on beach

An interesting theory that was entertained by a few of them was of reverse evolution.  Though this was soon after proven otherwise, researchers still found the idea intriguing.

The walking style of the Ulas family was eventually attributed to a recently discovered syndrome that was named Uner Tan Syndrome, after the scientist that discovered it.

People that have Uner Tan Syndrome have primitive speech, severe mental retardation and walk in the same fashion the Ulas family does  Though the reasoning for the unique existence of the Ulas family is due to their genetic make-up, it is still a fascinating thought that they are walking and behaving much like our ancestors did millions of years ago.

evolutionary steps

Other interesting aspects of the case are that the parents that gave birth to the subjects all walk normally, and while two of the five siblings have the capability to walk on two legs, (only for very short periods of times) three of them are completely unable.

The Ulas family has continued to serve as an intriguing topic to scientists and researchers for years.  For further information on the subject, a BBC documentary titled, “The Family that Walks on All Fours” explores the fascinating science that accompanies the case.

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