Jul 18 2014

Sigfried and Roy Welcome Three New Rare White Tigers to Their Secret Garden

Even after Roy Horn of the famous duo Siegfried and Roy was partially paralyzed by a tiger, his passion for large felines never faltered. Yesterday, him and partner, Sigfried Fischbacher introduced a new set of white lions during a celebration at their Secret Garden habitat on the Las Vegas Strip.

sigfried and roy

Located in the Mirage Casino, this attraction is home to many different types of felines as well as dolphins. There are no animal shows anymore, but the exhibit is highly rated and manages to intrigue many people with its ambient setting and opportunity to observe these beautiful animals.

Sigfried and Roy have, for many years, been working on the preservation of endangered species. Their fixation has rested on exotic cats, primarily the white tiger.

The three new tigers they welcomed arrived at the Casino three weeks ago from Johannesburg, South Africa. The 14-week-old tigers will eventually grow to an approximate weight of 500 pounds within the next few years.

lion faces

Freedom, Madiba, and Timba Masai will bring the number of tigers living at the exhibit up to 13, along with 6 lions.

The white lion is a rare species because it gets its color by inheriting a recessive gene from its parents.

These lions are of the same species that attacked an nearly killed Roy back in 2003. Though some animal experts reject the theory, Sigfried and Roy both believe that Mantecore, the white lion responsible for Roy’s impairments, sensed that Roy was having a mini-stroke and was attempting to drag him to safety rather than attack and harm him.

The animal lovers have been dedicated to making the exhibit the attraction that it is today and ensuring the well-being of the animals within it for many years.

“One by one, we are raising awareness for the plight of rare and endangered animals – our true mission,” said Sigfried.

lion trainers

single white lion

two white lions