Jul 18 2014

Diver Helps Sea Turtle

Diver Cameron Dietrich noticed a struggling sea turtle while diving off the coast of Mexico and decided to lend a helping hand.

As Colin Sutton filmed the moment with his Go-Pro cam, Dietrich entered the water and attempted to save the turtle who was wrapped up in some type of rope.

Once freed from the tangled mess, the turtle then moved toward the diver and thanked him with a nice hug. Amazing!

(Scroll Down for Video) sea-turtle-hugs-divergo-pro-cam-rescues-turtledietrich-mexico-turtle-foundsea-turtle-saved-dietrich-go-prodietrich-dives-colin-sutton-turtleturtle saved by diverturtle-hugs-diver-wowturtle-saved-ocean-diving

Sea Turtle Rescued by Diver