Jul 17 2014

Is Your Cat Fat? New Invention, The Bistro, Can Help

Not only is obesity in humans becoming rampant in humans in today’s world, it has become an issue with domesticated animals as well. The percentage of obesity in cats has actually far surpassed that of humans and any other animal.

At a whopping 57.6% of domesticated cats suffering from obesity, it is about time something was created in order to bring this number down.

orange cat

An amazing new piece of technology will closely monitor and keep track of the amount of food consumed by cats. It is called the bistro, and it requires little to no effort from pet owner in order to work.

It is a high-tech system that uses cameras and sensors to function. Multiple cats can use the system, as the camera matches the face of the cat to its record. With sensors and scales beneath the bowl, the bistro can keep track of each cat and how much food they have eaten.

The bistro is programmed with history and information that will determine if how much a cat ate is average, insufficient or excessive. If the amount the cat consumed is deterrent from what it should be, then the owner is instantly notified by the bistro.

cat outline

The machine can be linked to the owner’s smart phone via wifi, so they will know if their cat may be having problems that need attention.

Because cats spend so much time around the house everyday, and because their owners sometimes have busy lives, it can be hard to keep track of exactly how much food a cat is taking in everyday.

This device will be very effective for improving the health of cats, and is expected to hit stores very soon.

cat eating

smart phone

cat face