Jun 17 2014

10 Amazing Animal Facts

10.) Per one acre of land in green areas, there are on average 50,000 spiders!

9.) We all know that tigers have definite stripes on their fur, but did you know they have them on their skin underneath as well?
8.) Fleas can jump as high as 200 times as their own height. If humans could do that, we could jump to the top of the Empire State Building!

7.) Beavers’ teeth never stop growing. Because of this, they must constantly gnaw on things t keep them at a decent length. If they didn’t, the teeth would likely grow up into their brains.

6.) There are one-million ants to every human in the world and they never sleep. Be afraid; be very afraid.

5.) The easiest way to tell the difference between a male and female turtle is by the noises they make. Male turtles grunt, while females hiss.
4.) Millions of trees are actually planted by squirrels. They often store their food supply of nuts in the ground, and forget where they hid them, which results in the growth of trees.

3.) Every dog has a unique nose print. The prints are just as distinct as human finger prints and can be used to identify them.

2.) Hummingbirds’ wings flap at an astounding 80 times per second. Unbelievably, these birds also weigh less than a penny.
1.) Though pigs are often construed as dumb as nails, they are actually somewhat intelligent. They are always communicating with each other, and at least 20 different vocalizations have been identified.