Mar 31 2014

Wild Cheetah Enters Expedition Vehicle In Tanzanian Safari

The cheetah can be one of the deadliest creatures on the planet if it thinks it is being threatened or is hungry. Most people would be terrified if they found themselves within a close perimeter of one of these large felines, but that was not the case with Mr. Whittam. With a wild cheetah just a few inches away from him after it climbed into his car, he felt quite at ease.


Not to say that Whittam wasn’t surprised with the encounter. This an an occurrence that the guide said he had never seen in his 21 years at the safari in Serengeti. “it was clear the animal was being curious not aggressive, young animals are often inquisitive but it’s not often that they actually make physical contact with a vehicle, and it is certainly not common to actually jump up on one.” said Whittam.


The young male cheetah is suspected to have come into the car in search of prey, which usually consists of antelope, gazelles, impalas, and the young of larger animals. After the predator realized that there was nothing in the vehicle that he thought was a good dining choice, he decided to stay a bit longer to check out the ride. He licked, scratched and chewed on pieces of the vehicle that intrigued him, then turned his attention to Whittam himself, who was driving the vehicle. He even extended his paw and gently placed it on Whittam’s hand.


After Whittam and the passengers realized the intentions of the animal, they ceased to be afraid, and enjoyed the unique opportunity of such close ups of the beautiful cat. This was surely an expedition that Whittam and his passengers will never forget.