Oct 13 2013

Calvin Klein’s Obsession Has Many Feline Fans

Sometimes the cologne men wear attracts cougars. Surprisingly, when we say cougars, we do not mean older women, we actually mean the feline version. After some studies, it has been proven that large cats, including jaguars, panthers, and cheetahs are much more attracted to certain scents with different levels of intensity. Through many experiments with different cats and different scents, it was proven that the cats were the most intrigued by Calvin Klein’s Obsession.


Many have taken advantage of the opportunity to attract the cats with the scent. In 2007, a program director from Guatemala used the cologne to help take a population count of jaguars. In another instance, a popular photographer named Roan Balas McNab, that works in tropical forests, has used the scent to his advantage. He uses it to attract jaguars and keep them still so that he can capture photographs. By setting up motion sensitive cameras in the wild of the jungle with Calvin Klein’s Obsession sprayed near the cameras, he is finally getting photographs of the cats behaving naturally. McNab says, “We’re just starting to get an idea of how jaguars behave in their habitat. Before we used Obsession for Men we weren’t able to get these images at all.”


Why exactly are the cats so attracted to this specific scent? After hearing of its ingredients, it is not that surprising. For years, many colognes have used civetone, which derives from the African Civet. The chemical taken from the scent glands of the nocturnal mammals in Asia and Africa Calvin Klein’s obsession contains a synthetic version this chemical that is is suspected to act in a way similar to territorial marking scents. One of the creators of the cologne, Ann Gottlieb, says that it contains many animal notes. Ann describes the cologne as “a combination of this lickable vanilla heart married to this fresh green top note, it creates tension. It sparks curiosity with humans and, apparently, animals.” ┬áSo if you are ever visiting a jungle, you now know to be mindful of the cologne you choose; you may accidentally attract more than you can handle.