Oct 02 2013

[Video] 2 Bigfoots Caught on Tape 2013

bigfoot sighting 2013 bradford octoberBradford, Pennsylvania. Two bigfoots were discovered in the Kinzua State Park when 57 year old John Stoneman took these images while he was driving with his girlfriend. John was quoted saying that he has never seen anything like this in the many years he has hiked through the woods. These could not have been bears and they were over 7 feet tall and stood there like human beings… or human hybrids and bears stand with their paws much differently than this. John claims to be a skeptic and seems convinced that this is finally a real bigfoot caught on tape.

Two Large Bigfoots October 2013

Is this the closest we have come to catching this mythological beast? The Sasquatch Genome Project aims to prove that bigfoot exists one way or another, we’ll just have to wait and see the outcome from the DNA tests.