Oct 02 2013

Python on the Loose!

Yesterday, a mother cat and kitten were enjoying a lovely fall day. The day consisted of nursing on mom, snuggling, and..getting eaten by a python! A ten foot Albino Burmese Python that escaped in a small town in Florida swallowed the helpless pets yesterday afternoon.


The python went unnoticed for some time while digesting the cat and kitten until a woman from across the street noticed it. Cheryl Homes was shocked to see the giant reptile, and immediately called the police. “You don’t see this so close to home. This is stuff you see in the movies.”


When the police arrived to remove the scaly visitor, it was quite irritated and agile. As a result of this, the snake coughed up the cat and kitten that he was in the middle of swallowing. Usually when a snake is handled, startled, or under stress too soon after eating, a natural reaction will occur that causes the snake to immediately expel what is in its stomach. The purpose of this is to relieve the snake of the bulk within itself in case it needs to make a quick escape.

police capturing python

After vomiting up the cats and having a few minute to relax, the snake become much calmer with the police. They suspect it was someone’s pet before because it was so comfortable and welcoming to the human contact. The snake is now in police custody, as they are trying to locate its previous owner. Police take great caution against releasing snakes back in to the wild because they can become problematic. Many people have been scared by loose pet snakes, some pets have been eaten, and in some cases people were harmed. The snake is alive and well after this strange incident, but unfortunately the same cannot be said about the cats.