Sep 30 2013

A Unexpected Shark Spotting

Usually when venturing off in to the deep blue sea, divers will often wear special suits, equipment, and sometimes even a cage to protect themselves from predators. Diving with out these things seems uncommon and a little risky. One brave marine biologist decided to take a dive in the middle of the ocean in nothing but a speedo and flippers.

diver and shark

While down in the ocean, the nearly naked diver was in for a unexpected visitor. Within a few minutes of diving down, the marine biologist took a look behind him, and saw to his shock, a great white shark.

diver, shark, and sunlight

Great white sharks are of the most violent of the species. In the popular classic film, Jaws, the shark that terrorized the beach was, in fact, a great white shark. These sharks have been responsible for nearly a hundred attacks on humans. Great white sharks often feed on a diet composed of seals and similar looking marine animals. Humans may look similar to these types, so it is risky for humans if a shark comes near, especially if they are nearly naked.

diver and shark

The uncovered marine biologist looks more than comfortable around the ten foot great white shark. As the shark slowly circles around him, he gets close, takes photographs, and nearly touches it. The divers welcome the shark with nothing but smiles. Most people would be horrified in the instance, but these divers are a group of conservationists that were on a mission to obtain underwater photographs to boost projects.

diver reaches at shark

This amazing encounter occurred just off the coast of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. No one was hurt, and many breathtaking photographs were snapped. This was one of the most peaceful and effortless shark meets that anyone could hope to have.