Sep 26 2013

Sharks May Be Key in Future Cancer Treatments

Breast cancer is an epidemic that is sweeping across the world, claiming many victims. So many women are diagnosed with the ailment every year. As of now, the treatment that is given to patients suffering from breast cancer is chemotherapy, which consists of many sessions of time consuming and painful injection. For many, it is hell on Earth, and sadly proves to be malignant to some patients. Scientists and researchers are constantly looking for ways to improve these situations. They are looking for something that could cure cancer in many, with more ease and less pain. For years, not too many advancements have been made, but it sounds like they may be on to something today.


A possibility of a cure that nobody expected has been revealed. Sharks may contain the necessary ingredients to save many cancer patients. Antibodies within sharks are hoped to be linked to finding a new drug that will prove to be extremely beneficial in some situations of cancer. Scientists are hoping this discover to produce a wonder drug that will be known as the new Herceptin. Herceptin was launched at least over a decade ago, and has been key for many patients’ battles in overcoming cancer. Herceptin has, in many instances in the past, treated an especially fast growing and spreading form of the disease. Though Herceptin has helped thousands greatly, it did not work in every case, and was only able to provide respite from the awful disease.

breast cancer

The immune system in a shark is what will hold the answer. Scientists have injected few experimental sharks with HER2, a protein that enables the growth of tumors. The scientists plan on letting the protein brew in the sharks for a couple of months, and then after this, the production of antibodies in shark will hopefully further research. It is expected that the antibodies will fight against the tumors, until they are diminished. If this is the case, synthetic forms of the sharks’ antibodies can be replicated, and eventually dispersed as treatment.