Sep 15 2013

Catching a Huge Tiger Shark in Hawaii

After recent shark attacks in Hawaii, a 12-14ft foot tiger shark caught that really upset locals in Hawaii as they claim the shark was tame and wouldn’t attack or hurt anyone.


Tame Tiger Shark?

Mikey Mccrum has caused outrage after posting footage of him torturing a tiger shark that had been tamed by local fishermen.

Mikey and his friends caught the shark with a large metal hook tied to a rope after luring over with raw fish.

Tiger sharks are the 3rd most deadly shark to attack humans but this one was said to be tamed by the Hawaii locals who named it Laverne.

Can a Tiger Shark be Friendly?

The shark was 14 feet long and although it was a legal catch and was released, the locals are pissed because one of the shark’s fins were badly injured and view this as animal cruelty as Laverne was picked on because it was an easy friendly target.

The locals have called Mikey out and are asking him to publicly apologize for his actions.

So the question is… Do you think Mikey and his friends should post a follow up YouTube video apologizing to the locals for messing with their local shark?


Tiger sharks get their names from the tiger stripes on their body.

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